Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I sold this cartoon a while back to Readers Digest and I imagined it would be in the next issue, but apparently not. They're probably holding on to it for another issue, but I also wouldn't be surprised if they have changed their mind. I don't think it's my best, but I was happy to sell it (of course). I've been paid, so hopefully it should appear sooner or later. It's been a fairly lean time recently in terms of placing cartoons, but the good news is that Private Eye have finally taken a couple. It's taken months and about 8 submissions, but finally I'm back in the game! I'll post them as soon as they've been printed. In other up and coming blog news, I intend to put up my full education story in the next couple of days that didn't win the Observer Graphic Short Story competition. I'd love some comments, as I am very proud of it.


Royston Robertson said...

Nice to see a healthy dose of good old Cartoonist's Paranoia there, Alex! RD often hang on to gags. I don't suppose for a moment that they've changed their mind, especially as they've paid for it. Two of mine that appear in the current issue were sold to them five months ago, in early June.

Looking forward to seeing the finished Education cartoon.

alexander matthews said...

Thanks Royston. Of course I'm paranoid, comes with the territory. I'll post the story later this evening.

MaGiCiaNnn.../* said...

but it isnt what i expected
imho you looks different )))