Friday, November 14, 2008

New cartoons

This is my latest one for Private Eye, in the issue out now. To be honest I never thought this would get taken, as there were much better ones in the batch I sent off, well, probably. You can never really tell what cartoons an editor will like, ask any cartoonist. I think I'm a particularly bad judge.

One of mine is also going to be the first (I think) cartoon for Readers Digest's new caption contest. It's called 'Beat The Cartoonist', and my original caption goes up against the readers' ones. Readers vote for their favourite and see if they have 'beaten the cartoonist' about 8 months later. Bit worrying, but I'm not sure what else is possible for this one. Here it is without the caption. The full captioned one can be seen on my website in the animal cartoon section. Why not have a go yourself as you probably don't read Readers Digest. I know I don't. (Although I believe the next issue with my cartoon in it is an absolute doozy).

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shmeducation-A True Story

Here it is, my graphic short story. The winners of the Observer competition are being published this sunday. Look forward to seeing them.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I sold this cartoon a while back to Readers Digest and I imagined it would be in the next issue, but apparently not. They're probably holding on to it for another issue, but I also wouldn't be surprised if they have changed their mind. I don't think it's my best, but I was happy to sell it (of course). I've been paid, so hopefully it should appear sooner or later. It's been a fairly lean time recently in terms of placing cartoons, but the good news is that Private Eye have finally taken a couple. It's taken months and about 8 submissions, but finally I'm back in the game! I'll post them as soon as they've been printed. In other up and coming blog news, I intend to put up my full education story in the next couple of days that didn't win the Observer Graphic Short Story competition. I'd love some comments, as I am very proud of it.