Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Evil Twin and Nuke upsell

The new issue of The Dandy is out today, where you can see Nuke Noodle do battle with a real T-Rex, or at least a drawing of one. Time-travel, wrestling and dinosaurs, together at last!

Also, Evil Twin continues on it's own site, as a little treatette, here's today's episode. Stay tuned for more off-kilter mayhem, slightly crappy drawings, and non sequitur punchlines.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nuke Noodle returns!

My new strip starts today in the Dandy. Excitement! It's called Nuke Noodle, Wrestler in Time! and it's based on a character I devised a while ago. The 'pilot' strip is somewhere in the bowels of this blog, if you want to trawl through it. Or you can see it as the background of my twitter page (link on the left).

So where did this idea spring from? Well I am about to tell you, so calm down. Time travel is a noble thing-or it's often portrayed as such-travel back through time and witness great historical events such as Jesus talking about something or other boring, or watch Eric Cantona's kung-fu kick. You know, noble stuff, that will improve you as a person. Now what if the person who had time-travel technology just wanted to beat people up from the past? And what if he only wore stupid wrestling pants and had a mullet? From such idle thoughts Nuke Noodle was born!

Extra tidbit: He was originally going to be called Dick Noodle and the strip was going to be for a maturer audience, but when I realised I could go in a more kids comic direction the name changed. I went with Nuke because I wanted something that sounded like Hulk (as in Hulk Hogan), and contrasted with the silliness of the word Noodle.

Now go and buy a copy of the Dandy. Watchawaitinfoh?