Friday, June 13, 2014

You're cutting off my arterial flow, you nit!

My first blog post of the year and it's only June. If only every blogger was as efficient as me we could bring down the North Korean government, oil money swollen Fifa and lovable evil buffoon Boris Johnson in one swell foop. But that's another post for another day, right now I am concerned only with bringing to you, my wonderful imaginary reader, more episodes of Jeremy Banx' classic Burp! strip. Here we will see Burp hurtling toward it's artistic zenith with gathering speed.

The extra space afforded to the strip allows Banx to explore the surrealism of his world and the interplay of the characters as they say one ridiculous thing after another. This particular strip is still firmly in the humour mold of the previous thirty-odd pages, but the premise of this strip-getting Cary Grant tattoeed on your tongue is a leap forward in thematically insane theming, and the final image! Where did that come from? Why is the Lone Ranger a dog? 

Over the next few strips, the surreal madcap humour gives way to a more controlled weirdness. Next, Burp breaks his liver out of Sing-Sing. Three high points for me: The tractor beam, the inexplicable old-fashioned cannon and the line, 'I want him to biliously process it for me, as only he can!'. 

I haven't spoken much about the artwork, but in this one you can see Banx' preternatural ability to draw strange, doom-laden military style buildings and machinery. It's the sort of thing he'd showcase later in his marvellous book 'The Many Deaths of Norman Spittal' 

Speaking of superb artwork, very soon my own work will be appearing in an exhibition organised by the self-same ubermensch, Mr Jeremy Banx. It's called Pastiche, Parody and Piracy and it's on at the Cob Gallery in London's fashionable NW1 from the 20th of June to the 5th of July. Click here for details and stuff.

Next post (and it won't be as long this time) a slight misstep followed by pure capitalised ART.