Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cartoons cartoons cartoons

Here are my latest published cartoons for your "enjoyment", 2 colour ones from Prospect, 1 from Private Eye. I've sold quite a few this month and I'll post the rest when they appear in the magazines. The build Rome one is not one of my better gags in my opinion, but I am very fond of the drawing. Conversely, I'm really proud of the other two, but the drawings could have been better. I tend to rush through the drawings and draw as many as I can in a few hours. Often the first and last couple of cartoons are not so well drawn, and sometimes I'll even redraw them the following day. Could be something like that happened here, but I can't quite remember.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reader 1 Cartoonist 0

I rather forgot about the Readers Digest cartoon caption competition, but it seems I did in fact lose. To this one:

It is better than mine, I reckon. Congrats to William Thomas, who wins £200 and my original artwork. Pretty good, you would have thought. Here's a link to the page that the image is on. You'll notice that the cartoonists are already doing badly. And the latest I'm hearing is that it's 3-1 to the readers now. We'd better pull our socks up.

Beat the cartoonist

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cartoonist of the 30 day period

Ah, the prestige!

I am Prospect magazine's Cartoonist of the month. They sent me some questions and I did them the very generous service of answering them, and they're also going to put up some more of my cartoons over the course of the week. Thanks must go to Prospect's outgoing cartoon editor, Susha, who has been very nice and encouraging towards me. You can see my latest cartoon for them on the link too, as well as a portrait of me by Evgenia Barinova (link to her website on the left there).