Sunday, January 27, 2013

More Burps

Here's the next five episodes of Burp from Oink! comic, or it would be if I wasn't missing issue 5! If anyone has that issue, I'd love them to scan in the missing episode and send it to me. (The same goes for issue 40 which has possibly the best episode ever, featuring a werewolf). But never mind. In these five episodes we see Burp's penchant for inventing machines to help mankind go horribly wrong in a quite brilliant curveball bit of writing. We also see the first repeating Burp title panel which remains in place until Banx is given a second page, 30 issues later. In that same episode, we also see Banx developing the squirting zit idea, which quickly takes over from the smell lines which usually emanate from Burp. In fairly short order those squirts start to get out of hand, but somehow they make Burp even more endearing. By the tenth episode, Burp has taken on the look that he'll keep for the rest of his adventures, his head becoming basically a smooth semi-circle.

"I'll use my buttock jets to get a better look inside!"

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New year, old look

You might have seen the latest Beano, featuring another strip by me: Lord Snooty.
I've taken him back to his original outfit, but given him a new visual twist, in a sort of traditional Beano style. He's gone though revamps before of course, including a modernisation as Lord Snooty III, but my take is to make him a bit nuts, but keep the spirit of the original.

Only someone who is nuts would still wear that get-up.