Monday, July 26, 2010

win win lose situation

Over on the Cartoonists' Club website I have finally, finally, finally won their weekly cartoon competition. It was proving a bit hellish to win the thing, but after one year of entries (actually I probably entered less than 20 times-but this was competition number 52) I only done it. The theme was 'hot', set by Mr Wilbur Dawbarn (his site is listed in the links over on the left) and it wasn't supposed to have any words. 'Captionless' in easily penetrable cartoonists' jargon. It's down below. I am also on the cover of their monthly newsletter 'The Jester' which you can't read because it is more full of dangerous information than wikileaks, but I think it's allowed for me to post the cover. They had a theme too-politics/government.

It's not a complete win win situation, however, due to the sad passing of John Callahan. Quite an amazing man and a brilliant cartoonist. Even more remarkably he was a quadriplegic after a motorcycle accident he suffered when he was only 21 and used to draw with a pen clutched in both hands. If you can find one of his cartoon collections, buy it-his dark sense of humour is an absolute joy. But you've probably heard of him-and if you haven't, you should've.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Colourin' in

Another experiment (as was Dingus, below) in using digital colour here, in this cartoon that was published in the June issue of Prospect. I'm playing with removing lines as you can see. I rather like the result-more than the joke really, which is not that great.