Friday, October 18, 2013

More Burp

Since I last posted episodes of Burp from the pages of Oink, I've had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy Banks, the creative mastermind behind the strip and what a nice chap he is. He told me a little about working for Oink, his creative process and an interesting thing about round furry things.. I'm thinking of sending him a few questions about the strip, so look out for that (if he says yes, of course).

Here we see the strip's themes continuing to mature: First up we have Burp posing as President Reagan's brain repairman. 'Is the brain there please?' asks Burp,  'I can neither deny nor confirm the brain's presence' says the brain's spokesman. Next we have a dark, dark tale: the first appearance of Keith the animate teddy bear. This one has to be read to be believed. Also Burp in colour and Burp with some food spilled on the page (sorry about that, although it's somehow appropriate).

And as an extra treat, the Burp episodes from the first Oink annual and summer special. You'll notice that the contrast in the sophistication of the stories with the teddy bear episode etc and these stories is quite stark.

In my next post Burp moves to two pages, and by gosh it gets good.