Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New character coming soon

I've been devising a new story that'll be published in a comic fairly soon, but I thought I'd post some character designs. The first image is my original design, drawn in my regular style. He's based on a gladiator, but the armoured right arm is actually bionic, hence the buttons. 

After working up a few strips I quickly realised that there was more potential in the look of the strip, and I wanted to make it closer to the style of modernist cartoons that I so admire-the sort of influences that Samurai Jack wears on it's sleeve. The second sketch is the first in the new direction. The shapes of the character have become more exaggerated and he's become more simplified, although the buttons on his arm have become more stylised. The final character in the strip is not quite as scruffily drawn as this guy, but he's close. More soon. 

Oi! Can't a lump of earwax get some sleep around here?

 5 more episodes of Burp, including the first singalonga special....