Friday, August 8, 2008

Comic violence

This is an attempt at an ongoing kids comic strip, inspired initially by a typically controversial Johnny Ryan story on his website. The thing is, this introductory episode started off quite nicely, but then I thought, it's about a wrestler, it needs some wrestling in it. So I put in the scene towards the end. Now, I personally think it isn't too violent. There should be violence in comics, it can be funny! But there seems to have been a huge shift towards no violence whatsoever in children's comics (it's fine on TV, however). So is this strip acceptable? That's the question I want answered before I continue with other episodes. (Also-is it any good?)

It would be perfectly acceptable in France, however. Might get it translated.


Mark Heath said...

I thought the violence was touching. It's how a wrestler shows his love.

I think the premise of a time traveling wrestler is great. A touch of Alley Oop, with more jokes. I hope you write more.

alexander matthews said...

Thanks, Mark. I've written more already, just have to get round to drawing them.

Antonio said...

There were no dinosaurs in 100BC, also the violence is a bit much. I say this because he's being violent towards his manager just to get him out of the way so he can reach his goal. It also seems like he killed his manager because you don't see what happens to him after getting slammed through the window.

Good luck with your strips, I really
like king monkey.

alexander matthews said...

The manager will be reappearing at various times, to get beaten up again. That's the plan. I appreciate your comments on the violence, I really do need to know whether to bother pursuing this character, but it amused me at the time. It was fun to draw as well.

(100BC is a the start of a recurring joke too)

Thanks for the feedback Antonio, much appreciated.