Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shmeducation-A True Story

Here it is, my graphic short story. The winners of the Observer competition are being published this sunday. Look forward to seeing them.


Matt Buck said...

Lovely piece of visual journalism Alex. Hope it gets some recognition.

alexander matthews said...

Thank you very much, Matt. Much appreciated.

Rod McKie said...

I like this Alex, it's a format you can use to get entire stories down quickly; but I also like your detailed drawings.

There is a compromise, and it's possibly the sort of exercise you use with your students when you get them all to illustrate the same piece of text. You could create a template page with a set number of frames and fill those (I make 9 in pale-blue so I can turn them into anything I like, 1 panel, 2 panels...etc). I find when you are looking at drawing a lot of pages it is strangely comforting to know there is a structure helping you along.

Alan Moore's preference is for 9 columns a page, but I think when you are working smaller, 6 is okay - and I have seen some books, like Kochalka's, that use as few as 4 panels per page.

Good luck in the Observer competition.

alexander matthews said...

Thanks, Rod. Unfortunately I didn't win! I used a template page initially, but I decided to abandon the standard frame format as it was swamping the artwork and I wanted to lighten the tone by giving the drawings space to breathe, Perhaps it wasn't altogether successful. It was largely an experiment for me, but I hope to develop this way of working in the future.