Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reader 1 Cartoonist 0

I rather forgot about the Readers Digest cartoon caption competition, but it seems I did in fact lose. To this one:

It is better than mine, I reckon. Congrats to William Thomas, who wins £200 and my original artwork. Pretty good, you would have thought. Here's a link to the page that the image is on. You'll notice that the cartoonists are already doing badly. And the latest I'm hearing is that it's 3-1 to the readers now. We'd better pull our socks up.

Beat the cartoonist


Royston Robertson said...

As Rob Brydon would say, It's just a bit of fun! I don't think we should take it too seriously. The cartoonist still comes out on top financially, at least!

alexander matthews said...

Mr Peter King will, at any rate. Two caption comp cartoons out of the first 5!