Saturday, August 15, 2009

This caption thing is getting out of hand.

The Cartoonist's Club of Great Britain Unofficial Reverse Caption Competition (or CCGBURCC for short) is getting out of hand! There have been literally a number of entries for the past couple of weeks. The thread is open right now if you want to see this week's entries: CCGBURCC. Here's mine from last week. A rather poor pun and one arm is a bit short.

And here is my entry for this week, which is BRILLIANT, and a dead cert to not win. I don't normally do boob jokes BTW, Mum.


Royston Robertson said...

Does your mum really read your blog? If so, has she told you off for leaving ages between posts yet?

alexander matthews said...

Everyone is a asking me that! I doubt she does, but she is aware of it's existence.

Ok, I get the message. More posts!