Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

At this time of year my thoughts turn slowly, as do most people's I should imagine, like a sated hippo, inevitably, like a goose with an interesting pamphlet, to time travel. It's natural isn't it? We want to turn the clocks back to those heady years that some people (idiots) call 'The Noughties', when Tony Blairs was PM, house prices rose by 200% a second and, best of all, Crowded House got back together. We all wish we could travel back in time don't we? But can you 'Take The Weather With You'? The answer is of course, no. Are you stupid, Crowded House? Perhaps you should have dedicated your time to inventing a time-suit with massive weather-proof pockets, Crowded House, instead of focussing on being completely awful. Personally, I would like to go back to when I had my last doctors appointment and ask for double the amount of cream.

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