Sunday, February 14, 2010

Classical Sketches

I went to the Tchaikovsky Music Hall in Moscow this evening to see a concert. They did all the biggies-the William Tell Overture and that one with Land of Hope and Glory in it. The first half featured a classical saxophonist, though, and she did an encore that I found hilarious-she clearly had a thing for unlistenable jazz. It sounded a bit like this: Jazz Club.

While I was there, I only been and went and done some sketches, didn't I? Conductors are ace, by the way.


Royston Robertson said...

Like the last one, particularly. You could call it "Thank you, I'm here all week."

Bren Romans said...

Nice sketches Alex. Musicians are fun. I nearly walked out on a Jazz sax solo once, it went on and on and on... Way too many notes.