Friday, July 22, 2011

Preview central

Here's three previews from some kids comics I have been working on, one of which is for The Dandy. No more details shall I proffer than that. Return later for more news, wanderer.


WizzKid97 said...

I think it'll be the last one, interested in finding out what the other two are for...

Oh yeah, is Robot on the Run returning? Cos I miss it so much. :'(

Harry Rickard

alexander matthews said...

Sorry Harry, they cancelled it. It didn't do well enough in the voting polls (but they weren't exactly organised properly where they?)

I hope you like my new stuff, and keep reading this. I will put some more information up soon!

WizzKid97 said...

Hi Alexander,

I'm really sad to hear Robot on the Run didn't go down well with the readers, if it makes you feel any better both my best friend Hannes and I voted for it and we were entertained by your brilliant humour every week, after every story we were just wishing for more, you are one of very few to do this, I hope you feel proud!

I'm actually very surprised, I'm guessing it's because the speech was very long and possibly a lot of younger readers got confused and wouldn't read it. This is understood, too much speech isn't a good move in comics, yet this worked somehow and made the comic strip even better.

I wish you luck on your new Dandy series and hope it gets more popularity than poor, old Robot on the Run did. I'm very upset for you and truly saddened to hear the crazy robot won't be returning. Any chance you could make it a webcomic or make something out of it? It'll be a real shame to see it go forever more. :(

Anyway, once again, good luck,

Your fan,
Harry Rickard

alexander matthews said...

I got a lot of good of good feedback and I think many readers did like it, but it was quite wordy. I don't think 8 episodes was long enough for me to work out exactly what I wanted to do with it anyway! It would probably have got better.

Thanks for your kind comments, Harry. Robot can't return because The Dandy own all the copyright (unless they give it back to me), but I'd love to do something with it in the future!

WizzKid97 said...

I'm sure you did, I think Robot on the Run was one which older readers like me enjoyed, younger readers probably found the stories hard to read and just gave up. However, it's a good thing it was wordy, it made the strip different to the rest and a lot more funnier!

To be honest, only picking 5 strips in the poll was quite unfair. I had so many favourites, in the end I went for:
Desperate Dan
Mr Meecher
George VS Dragon
Robot on the Run
Pre-Skool Prime Minister

Did you create Robot on the Run and then sell it to the Dandy? If so, surely the character is still yours, besides, if it's been dropped then I don't see why you can take back the character. :/

I always thought 8 stories wasn't enough for the robot. Especially when The Mighty Bork got 21 and Yore has already had like 30 something. :/

Can't wait to see your new story, the Dandy been missing something ever since Robot on the Run ended. :)

Harry Rickard

alexander matthews said...

If you want your work published in The Dandy, you have to give them ALL the rights to the character. It's bad, but you have to agree to it if you want people to read your work. It shouldn't happen in 2011, but that's how they do it.