Thursday, May 31, 2012

Preview time

Well, howdy-doody. Three previews for you in this post. Look out for my new strip Useleus, drawn by the inimitable and infamous Wilbur Dawbarn in The Phoenix, which is a comic that is difficult to find. Here they have done a piece about it and you can see a bit more than a smidge of the artwork. Kapow! And also in more news, I've just put the finishing touches to the last episode of Nuke Noodle for a while. Episode 48, in fact. That's a lot of pages I've drawn of time travel fighting antics! Here's a sneak peak of that.
Look out for my new strip in the Dandy. It's called 'Grrrls!'Here's the final preview-a section from an early page of character sketches!


Anonymous said...

But is it a tail or an arrow?

alexander matthews said...


James Spiring said...

For some reason, this week's Dandy has the last Nuke and TWO episodes of Grrrls. Seems rather too early to burn through the remaining material, when the Dandy will still be around for another three months.