Saturday, July 4, 2015

Some more Burp

Whoops, I forgot to blog this year and it's already July. Here are some more of Banx' mighty Burp strip.

First up, a beautiful strip featuring the Ramjet Angel. Has anyone ever played with the themes of the cruelty of capitalism and loss like this in a kids comic strip?

Next a short one-pager before the final two page Burp strip. This might have made the greatest Tharg's Future Shock ever. Seriously, the writing is that good. If you've read the latest 2000AD sci-fi special like I have you might have been disappointed in the Future Shocks story where the punchline was screamingly obvious from the first panel. Try guessing what happens at the end of this!

Then, sadly, Oink! went weekly and Banx reverted to one-page strips, which I shall be posting next.  The strips still burnt bright, but had reached their pinnacle with the Sand Planet, the Ramjet Angel and others...

...But there was time for one last hurrah before Oink! went monthly and Banx no longer graced its pages. Stay tuned for the stories from the specials and the annuals and the eight page spectacular which reveals how Burp became a man.

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