Friday, January 22, 2010

Better than a kick in the old town-halls

My recent cartoon in Private Eye (see two posts down) has generated a few comments, both positive and negative on their letters page. A first for me! Amongst us cartoonists it is seen as a bit of an accolade when your work causes such a reaction that people write in. I have posted them below for you to read.

And here's my latest one from that issue.


Ket said...

ОООО, какой симпотный мужчинка а вот бабульку еще тюнинговать потребуется!::::)))

procrustes said...

I bought the Eye for the first time in years recently and the '30 minute walk' cartoon made me laugh out loud, then I looked in the mirror and remembered what was top of my list of New Year's resolutions :0(

Ket said...

Oooo, what an enchanting grandfather looks like a young man's grandmother youth its in the mirror not considered! ))) had to write in English, Russian humor to transmit can't that saw the and commented on!)